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Ancient Aliens Pseud-Archeology Lecture on April 21 @6:30 PM

Join us at White Hall to watch a fascinating documentary and hear an interesting lecture on ancient aliens while enjoying snacks!

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DIY Planetarium event is Tuesday, March 29th @1PM!

Walk over to the Techlab at Cox Hall to learn how to make a planetarium projector that projects a view of the night sky onto your bedroom ceiling!

More Upcoming Events

The Emory Astronomy Club is planning our events for the Spring. Some of these events include:

Sci-fi Book Club

Join us and your peers in reading an discussing an iconic sci-fi novel! Please click here to join the GroupMe for our book club!


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Membership is open to any member of the Emory community, including students, faculty and staff. The sole requirement for membership is the attendance of at least two events hosted or co-hosted by Emory Astronomy Club.

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We started the Emory University Astronomy Club during the Fall 2003 semester by students taking Physics 116, “An Introduction to Astronomy.” The first meeting was October 22, 2003, and the University granted a provisional charter during the early spring semester, 2004.